Should I take a shot?

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Should I take a shot? Empty Should I take a shot?

Post by henry11 on Tue Nov 22, 2011 7:35 pm

Okay, so all this wcoop talk has made me seriously consider taking part in this $109 event tomorrow. I usually play

anything between $2 - $10 so this would be a major step up for me. My results have been pretty solid at these limits
with about $5k won over the last couple of months since switching from full tilt but I never really move up. I need this

cash to live aswell so I never leave anymore than $300 in my account.

So I've been thinking about doing this tomorrow because I think I can get my sister to stake me half of fees and I

planned on splitting 60/40 my favour(is this fair?)

$109 wcoop event 19
$22 big 22 (have a ticket from the store)
$5.50 big 5.50
$3.30 sat micro

I only play 4 tables at a time so this is plenty for the day. Do you think I should take a shot at it?

Also does anyone think I will be out of my depth?
Any thoughts on the 60/40 split?


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